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About Hotelvrijmibo

The Hotelvrijmibo


Hotelvrijmibo is a Friday afternoon drink, organized four times a year at a different location in Amsterdam. This can be a romantic boutique hotel, a stylish business hotel or a museum or other event location. Hotelvrijmibo focuses specifically on people who work in a hotel. Our goal is to connect hotel employees from all levels of the hotel industry.


The atmosphere during Hotelvrijmibo is informal and casual, which makes it easy to expand your network and meet hotel employees from different hotels. In addition, the Hotelvrijmibo is a perfect oppurtinity to catch up with that (former) colleague!

What to expect?


A good Friday afternoon drink naturally includes filled glasses, a DJ who plays some music, entertainment and tasty barsnacks. At the Hotelvrijmibo, you can get your drinks (at a reduced rate) at the bar, we take care of the rest! During the evening, tours are given through the hotel, so you can see the rooms, restaurants and meeting rooms. You will get an exclusive look behind the scenes in another hotel. And that’s awesome, because how often does this opportunity present itself?


Do you want to get an idea of how an Hotelvrijmibo event looks like?

Take a look at the aftermovies from previous editions here.

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